Current Ongoing Project (The Wall Has Ears & Table Manners)F

Through language, people are able to communicate, share stories, narrate histories, construct meaning and understanding of the world. The building blocks of language are words, and within my work I am attempting to render these word forms into tangible material, to be used as both linguistic and physical structure within the development of form.  I am using words and global languages as the way to connect, show a shared need to communicate, while highlighting the distances that remain between languages and cultures. 

In this series, I am thinking about the kinds of things that people say in a casual, domestic setting. These phrases become the plaster words that are used to construct physical objects such as a wall and table. This work is a kind of material diary, literally transcribing some of the text of my own utterances in private. The table piece is comprised of sets of rules for dining etiquette. Table manners from specific cultures are spelled out in the script of each culture’s language, each overlaid with others to develop the structure of the table’s form.

Both of these works use layers of written language to describe the form of familiar structures.  The materiality of these words allows for a kind of physical description of the objects they create, while their layered, overlapping configuration obscures the legibility of the specific phrases. I’m interested in creating an experience wherein an object can be seen both in terms of its overall form and as the result of a process of description that uses the structure of language. Are words that are shared in private settings really kept private? Or were they never private in the start? Once something is said, you can no longer dictate the consequence of your words.